The world is getting smaller due to globalization. Globalization helps to link people from different place and background all together.

The powerful internet communication regime and access to information anywhere has bring the boundaries of the world down. The internet connects all the computer users across the world due to the advance of communication technology. We have entered a new era of globalization in which interaction and communication with people across the world instantly. Communication technology has advanced to the point where the instant communication across the globe can be so ubiquitous and instant. With the help of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whats App) you can always keep connected with people across the globe. As a comparison with olden day, sending out a telegraph or letter take long period of time to reach but now the 21st century, it only take few seconds to reach.

Globalization enhanced cross cultural communication. It provides platform for us to exchange idea and opinion between people from different cultural background.  This helps an individual in adapting new kind on information. Example, BCM 111 subject allow student from Malaysia and Australia exchange their opinion and feedback through the weekly blog post. Both students might be benefit from different style of culture.

The globalization has invited companies to branch into different parts of the world. We can easily saw golden arches across the globe although with different language and we able to recognize that is McDonald’s.


Globalization bring in different brand from every country and it help to increase people lifestyle. Besides, it also help marketer to made great profits when bringing their product to different countries. Furthermore, it also encourage workforce where provide great job opportunity.

In conclusion, everything has it pros and cons. Globalization bring advantages and convenient to us at the same time create damage to our environmental such as climate change, pollution and etc.


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Al-Jazeera English (AJE) is an international 24-hour English language news and current affairs TV channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Al-Jazeera English launched in 15 November 2006. The station broadcasts news features and analysis, documentaries, live debates, current affairs, business, technology and sports. It stands out from its competitors in that it presents a challenge to the existing paradigms guiding international news broadcasters.

el-Nawawy & Powers. S (2010) claims that coverage of today’s conflictes is dominated by a style of ‘war journalism’.  The focuses more on the emotional rather than on the rational and satisfied news value demand. There are untold story and missing content in those reporting. They focuses on the area that audiences are likely to know in order to maintain their viewership and audience attention. Some of the consequences of that kind of reporting are audiences not expose the real content, lack background of information to keep up, and lack of proper understanding.

‘Conciliatory media’ is a term defined as any news media that work to meet a number of criteria when covering issues of collective social importance. (el-Nawawy & Powers. S 2010) Therefore, ‘war journalism’ style can be deviate. ‘Conciliatory media’ act as alternative to ‘war journalism’.  Audiences will try to get more information from the media to enhance their understanding during the times of conflict. With the help of conciliatory media could help audiences enhance a better global understanding of the issue.

Al-Jazeera looks into the in-depth and the story behind the scene. Although audiences interested with ‘war journalism’ style of reporting but we hope to know the true story as well. If they could take a balance between the two elements, it might benefit the audiences a lot.



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POWER of new media

Barack Obama was the first African American to win the election and becoming the 44th president of United States. A major success factor for Obama’s campaign used social media and technology as an integral part of its strategy. (Aaker, J & Chang, V 2010) During the election 2008 of USA, Obama used internet campaign to generate vote and support from the grassroots. He able to won nearly 8.5 million votes and its prove that the internet campaign work on targeting the audience. Obama used alternative media a lot to reach his audience. He keep connect with audience through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, YouTube, official Barack Obama website, texting and emailing as a reminder to encourage voters vote for him. Due to the use of social media during the 2008 election campaign, Obama gain 70% support from the youth vote which they are the group of people that are not interested with political issue. But with the use of social media, they involved themselves in the campaign and start to pay attention with political issue. The use of new media has create 5-10 times higher impact compare to the previous election campaign and the use of traditional media.

Social media was created in 2007. So, back to the year of 2008, the use of social media is not that craze compare to now. Not everyone access to social media but Obama become the first one who try on social media and its prove that social media is work. Smart phone wasn’t created back to year of 2008, is not that convenience for people access to social media. Barack Obama still decide on using new media to target his audience and its prove that social media suite to digital world that where we belong to now.

Nowadays, new media and new new media has take over traditional media. We check Facebook each hour, 20 or more tweets a day, watch YouTube daily, take picture and upload Instagram and those habit become part of our lifestyle. We Google search for answer and get information from Internet. From Gen-X onwards, we can’t live without Internet. A lot of advertiser realize the impact of Internet and started to swift to digital media. They believe that advertise through new media will create higher impact and the reach is more broad than traditional media due to people in 20th doesn’t use traditional media that frequent anymore, That’s why we have e-voucher, e-book, and a lot of things could done through online. As I believe, majority of us access to any social media platform. We are tagged with social media and we rely on social media. We own a smart phone and its help us more easy access to social media. Furthermore, we sign up for data plan and a lot of public space offer free wifi for audience to use.

Everything goes online now, traditional media will be replaced by new media one day. Youth don’t really spend time on traditional media now, we spend more time with new media and engage with new media.




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Climate Change

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Climate around the world already changed. Changes in the weather, melting glaciers are the sign to warn us that the thing is getting bad. Movie such as The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 are using theme of the end of the world to tell people that the world no longer exist. When we discuss about the end of the world, we will think about flood, cracked that destroy the place that where we stay now. The message was sent out to the public to warn us that the climate already change, what can human do to remedy?

There are a lot of prediction telling people that apocalyptic is coming. They provide the date and telling people that’s the date for the end of the world. The message spread around the world very quick, thorough social media, traditional media and word of mouth. People are discuss about will apocalyptic really happen or it just a rumor. If we search online, there are a list of the date predicted for apocalyptic. Some people believe to the prediction some said that it just a rumor.

A predictor predict that 2012 will be the last year for human to survive in this world, apocalyptic will happen in the year of 2012. The message was spread in short period of time and it create publicity and people tend to believe that apocalyptic might happen. From my experience, even my grandmother and mak cik kedai runcit also discuss about the issue. Some of the people are trying to buy some food to store and back up, water and candle also hot item for them to prepare for apocalyptic. The free publicity of apocalyptic was successfully gain.

Activity such as Earth Hour will held every year set as a reminder to remind people need to take care of the place where we live now. Earth Hour is good to bring participate so that everyone will contribute at least something to the world. Are human is the one who bring harm to our world? They invent product that make profit and convenient to people but at the same time it bring harm to the world. Human and animal are the victims in the case where no place for us to live anymore, where should we go? Do we need to do something for our future generation so that they still have chance to experience this wonderful place?

Do you ever think if apocalyptic do happen, what’s your plan? What is your feeling toward apocalyptic? Do you think it will really happen? Who we need to blame to? For me, we don’t know what will happen in the next second, everything is unexpected. We will not know what will happen next. Therefore, please treat this moment nice, you wouldn’t know you will still have chance for the next second. Don’t make regret in your life.


News Value

People normally read newspaper in the morning before they start their hectic day, it become a popular habit for everyone. Every morning when mom came back from ‘pasar’ will definitely bring a copy of newspaper. We can get information, get to know what happen around the world, look for common topic to discuss with peers, entertainment from newspaper. Instead of hard copy, newspaper is now available in soft copy for environment friendly purpose. Hard copy can easily get from convenience store, book store, supermarket and more. Some restaurant even provide customer a free copy of newspaper such as Mcd – The Sun paper.  Some of us will borrow from the ‘tauke’ of the restaurant. Is very convenience for us to get a copy of newspaper. The gen-y not really read newspaper but get the news update from social media.

We expect real story cover in newspaper. What a reader want from newspaper are truthfulness, accuracy, fairness. As a journalist, they need to be unbiased when reporting a news. Some bad journalist will twist the truth of the story to get higher readership and influence people to purchase their newspaper. People are quite bitch sometime because we will focus more attention on those negative issue. Some journalist might trying to protect the reputation of a well known person and hide the truth by not reporting. But, what’s the point of reading that news? I have some friend that actually lost confidence with newspaper because they claimed that the news aren’t accurate and fair. A journalist should be unbiased, gather enough information and report the true news to the public. They are the gatekeeper on controlling what news to send out to the public, what public receive are also rely on what they publish out. As a reader, we have the right to know the real issue not the fake news.

What about news from social media? Any news values? Social media spread the news to people in very short period of time, people will always keep up to date from social media. Social media do spread the message very quick compare to newspaper, the message can be sent out anytime unlike newspaper need time to print. Based on my experience, when General Election 13, I used to stick with my Facebook all the day. New stories are continuously upload, is fast and easy for me to know the latest information. Besides, I can see few numbers of my friend sharing the same post at the same time. We could see how social media influence us.

In my opinion, some of the people abuse the convenience way of sharing news from social media. Some of the news is just rumor, but when more and more people sharing the same rumor, we tend to believe is a real news. We should use the way in a smart way. People will lost confidence by not trust the source from social media. If newspaper and social media doesn’t t report the true news, where should public look for information?

When reporting a news, some characteristics need to be include to make the information has more newsworthy.

  1. Timeliness (Happened recently)
  2. Proximity (Happened nearby)
  3. Impact (Affects a lot of people)
  4. Prominence (Involves a well known person or organization)
  5. Conflict (Involves some disagreement between 2 or more people)
  6. Novelty (Involves something unusual or strange)
  7. Currency (Related to some general topic a lot of people already discussing

The more of the characteristics included in a piece of information will have more newsworthy and made the information more accuracy.


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Translation in Television

When local television going to global context, it might raise up some controversial due to different culture context we belong in. The content follows with the original production without any translation. Due to the different of culture context, the local television content might not offense to local culture but when it go for global context it might raise misunderstanding because it might not apply to all culture. Misunderstanding such as language, meaning of word, gesture, body language, religious, clothing and more will cause when it go to global context. For example, the wardrobe of western drama might be more expose compare to our country – Malaysia. When it comes to global context, Malaysian might not accept because we are more conservative. To avoid misunderstanding happen, each country actually come out with own version of drama by following the original story.

Why translate a story? In my opinion, they are trying to localize the story to fit the local style and culture so that audience will accept. They might try to create national comedy that only the local people are familiar with. According to Walsh (2006), how and why we make meaning differently according to who and where are socially and culturally. Besides, by using the recognizable actor might attract more view and create buzz.

For example, a Japanese manga Hana-Kimi or originally as Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (花ざかりの君たちへ, literally as ‘For You in Full Blossom’) have been shoot as drama in variety version include Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. I actually watched all the 3 different versions; the story line is basically all the same following the manga. Although is the same story line but I still repeating myself to watch because the different scene setting, actors, language and other non-verbal communication actually create different feeling and thoughts when I’m watching. I found that is quite interesting to discover different feedback in one story line.



Hanazakari no Kimitachi manga (1996-2004)



Japan version (2007)



Korea version (2012)



Taiwan version (2006)


The similarities that I could found are quite a lot. First, they are following the manga story line when they shoot for drama. Next, Japan and Taiwan versions are adapting the drama character name according to the manga. Furthermore, the characteristic of each character are consistent with the drama. The scene setting is the same which is focus more in high school. In additional, the poster look and feel that Japan and Taiwan using are the same.

The differences in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e series include the language in each version used. For example, Taiwan version actually added Hokkien word in their script to create national comedy. Next, the character name of Korea version use is different from Taiwan and Japan version. They are using the name that sound more as a ‘Korean’. The poster look and feel is different compare to Japan and Taiwan version. Due to the year of publish of Japan (2007) and Taiwan (2006) version are near, they might adapt the same style and technique when produce the drama. And that’s explain the similarity are the two version are quite a lot compare to the Korea version. The Korea adaptation was done in year 2012 and it consist a big gap compare with the other 2 versions. Korea version is more stand out than the other 2 versions and have their own style might because of follow the current ‘in’ trend, advance in technology and more.

Although they didn’t translate exactly according to the original story, but the big picture is still there and audience still able to get the meaning. As my personal experience, I only finish watching the full episode of Taiwan version. For Japan and Korea version, I start watching in the middle part but I still understand that the drama is under Hanazakari no Kimitachi e series. In my opinion, the translation is quite success that audience still able to recognize the story.


Walsh, M. (2006). Reading pictures: What do they reveal? Young children’s reading of visual texts, 13.


Transnational Cinema

Transnational film is a concept developing film studies that encompasses a range of theories relating to the effects of globalization upon the cultural and economic aspects of film. Trans-national co-production is a hot button in today’s global film culture, as producers and investors increasingly collaborate internationally to locate and exploit all possible financial and marketing opportunities around the world (Pang, 2009). Transnational film includes director from Malaysia, actors from Singapore, producer from Hong Kong and scene at Thailand. Transnational film promotes multiculturalism. Each of everyone comes from different country and own different cultural perspective; it provides a chance for people to exchange their culture value. Transnational film is effective in promoting east and west culture. Through transnational film, audience gets to know various culture values in one film. Transnational film can said as hybridity of nation film where combine the most powerful part together to form a film. Transnational film also opens up movie market in encouraging and targeting the audiences from other region. Film like CZ12 (dir. Jackie Chan, 2012), a story of twelve bronze heads of animals of the Chinese zodiac. The film featuring Korean, China, Paris stars are also meant to increasing the popular of the film. Another example from Pang (2009), interactions between Hong Kong cinema and Thai cinema also intensified, as shown in the films of Pang Brother and Peter Chan. Transnational film also promote creativity. Among the crew, they might from different culture background. The cooperation might be very impactful and increase productivity. Financial for transnational film might go beyond because able to investment from different people from different country to support on producing transnational film.



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